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Call the entries: the XI International Youth Film Festival in Kazan


The XI International Youth Film Festival will take place in Kazan from the 3rd till the 6th of September.


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Friday, 19 October 2018 00:00
There was the National premiere of the new film made by Marat Sarulu - "MARIA" (photos)
Title of the film: "Maria"
Year of production: 2018
Studio of production: Kyrgyzfilm, producer - Aibek Djangaziev
Duration: 149 min.
Date of the National premiere: October 18, 2018
Place: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, cinema Ala-Too
Head of the Cinema Department Muktaly Bektenaliev and director Marat Sarulu
Script-writers: Marat Sarulu & Emil Jumabayev
Director: Marat Sarulu
Director of photography: Boris Troshev
Production designer: Emil Goozairov
Sound: Mars Tugelov
Editor: Arjuna Asanov
Music by Murzaly Jeenbayev & Sergey Cheremisinov
Group of the film Maria
Jyldyz Bekova (Maria)
Akmaral Uzbekova (Rumia)
Kurmanbek Mamyrov (Arsen)
Aziz Yusupov (Nazar)
Meerim Atantayeva (Deniza)
Medina Ybysheva (Sezim)


Synopsis. The story of the last romantic, which, like one of the famous Chinese artist of antiquity, created the opus and disappeared inside it, fluttering from the cocoon of life on the path of songs, dreams and transformations.
Director Marat Sarulu
Cinema Department's head Muktaly Bektenaliev
Actor Aziz Yusupov
Photos: Ainura Asanbayeva