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Wednesday, 17 April 2013 00:00

Review about "Affection" (Kumar) new film made by Temir Birnazarov
It was published in Kinocultura.com.

 Fragment from A Hidden Life:


Temir Birnazarov has completed work on his new film, Affection. It is the story of people who have no intention to expose their lives. Therefore, the action largely takes place in twilight. The interiors are stripped of natural light: the windows are covered with heavy curtains. The majority of the film consists of long shots, while wide-angle shots are missing entirely. All the mise-en-scenes are static, and the individual takes tend to be long.


The heroes are in the grip of a set of rules. They lead a secret life, hidden from extraneous eyes, yet the audience is let into this life: we, the spectators, are expert observers of this life. The director seems to give to us the opportunity (or the right) to observe the protagonists by offering an unusual format of rendering the material. He believes that the expert-viewers are capable of joining fragments and nuances in their minds, and reach the right conclusion.


Please open: Temir Birnazarov: Affection (2013) reviewed by Gulbara Tolomushova © 2013