Festivals: call for entries

ALTERNATIVA FILM Labs announces an open call for the Impact Lab_kg


Deadline: 05.08.2024. The Impact Lab will take place from September 26 to October 1 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.


ALTERNATIVA FILM Labs announces an open call for the Impact Lab


Deadline: 05.08.2024. The Impact Lab will take place from September 26 to October 1 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.


LENDOC: call for entries


Deadline: 15.07.2024

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P r o g r a m - 2015


23d of August, Bishkek

15:00 Meeting with Kyrgyz filmmakers and film students, Cinema House

18:00 Opening ceremony, Manas cinema. Premiere screening of the film “Heavenly Nomadic” by Mirlan Abdykalykov (Kyrgyzstan)


24th of August, Issyk-Kul Lake

19:00 Film screening and discussions “Under Heaven” by Dalmira Tilepbergen (Kyrgyzstan)


25th of August, Issyk-Kul Lake

10:00-10:20 Pitching session “Secrets of the Silk Way” by Dalmira Tilepbergen (Kyrgyzstan)

10:20-10:40 Pitching session “Barzagh” by Saodat Ismailova (Uzbekistan-Tadjikistan)

10:40-11:00 Pitching Session “The Ton Shooter” by Erkin Saliev (Kyrgyzstan)

15:00-16:00 Film screenings and discussions: short films (Kyrgyzstan): The Taxi-Driver by Kymbat Adylbekova, Dust of Earth by Cholponay Borubaeva, Mill by Kenjebek Shayloobaev

19:00-21:00 Film screening and discussions “The Well” by Mansur Abdukhalikov (Uzbekistan)


26th of August, Issyk-Kul Lake

10:00-12:00 Film Screening and discussions “Kurko” by Kenjebek Shaikakov (Kazakhstan)

15:00-17:00 Film screening and discussions “House for Mermaids”  by Yolkin Tuichiev (Uzbekistan)

17:30-19:00 Film screening and discussions “Toll Bar” by Jasulan Poshanov (Kazakhstan)

20:00-22:00 Film screening and discussions “The Airy Safar” by Daler Rakhmatov (Tadjikistan)


27th of August, Bishkek, Cinema House

17:00 Premiere screening “Kurai-Kurai” by Marjoleine Boonstra  (the Netherlands, Kyrgyzstan)


28th of August, Bishkek, Cinema House

11:00 Film screening, discussions “Today” by Reza Mirkarimi (Iran)

14:00 Film Screening, discussions “Gulls” by Ella Manjeeva (Russia)

Master-class by Igor Guskov




 P R O G R A M  -  2 0 1 3 



Program of the Forth Art-House Film Festival, 23-27.08.2013

23 August 2013

16:00-17:00 Guests will have the meeting with young Kyrgyz film-makers & students

18:00 - Open ceremony, Cinema house, Bishkek

18:30 - Film of the opening ceremony - “An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker” by Danis Tanović 



24 August 2013

15:00-20:30 Issyk-Kul lake:

«Affection» by Temir Birnazarov, Kyrgyzstan, 2013

Short fiction from Kyrgyzstan: «Marshmallows» & «Silence» by Nargiza Mamatkulova, «Old Maid» & «Father» by Alijan Nasirov

Pitching: «Young Wife» by Alijan Nasirov

Pitching: "White Steamer" by Artyk Suyundukov


25 August 2013

10:00-21:30, Issyk-Kul lake:

Pitching of the projects:

«The theatrical Story» by Bayan Sarygulov

«Stone Fall» by Dalmira Tilepbergenova, info about the project

«Not for the sale» by Marat Alykulov

«City of the thousands birds» by Talgat Asyrankulov


Short fiction The Sea Gull by Elizaveta Stishova

Pitching of the projects: «Kurmanjan Datka» by Sadyk Sher-Niyaz


Short fiction «Bully Woman» by Nurjamal Karamolodoeva

Pitching:  «Sakura for Aisuluu» by Nurjamal Karamolodoeva


Pitching «The Lake» by Emil Atageldiev & Erke Jumahmatova

Pitching "Sadok" by Marat Sarulu


Central Asian films: «Mama’s Visit» by Madiyar Kasymov, «Sourse» by Sharipa Urzbava, «Sea Wolf» by Almas Bektibaev, «Колышки» by Kambar Esmuhanov, «Consrtutors» by Adilkhan Erjanov


26 August 2013

10:00-14:00 Issyk-Kul Lake:

Films from Central Asia:

«Parizod» by Ayub Shahobiddinov, Uzbekistan

«In Between» by Sharofat Arabova, Tadjikistan

«Telegram» by Iskandar Usmonov, Tadjikistan



15:00-21:00 Video-art


27 August 2013


19:00 Closing ceremony, Bishkek  



And also (below) you can to know of our program - 2011:

  • First Day - 17th of the November 2011
Opening ceremony - 2 pm
Opening of an exhibition devoting to the 70th anniversary of the Kyrgyz cinema


                                                                    D E T A I L E D   P R O G R A M


Schedule of the screenings and presentations:


Second Day - 18.11.2011 - 10 am - Presentation of the group "Kyrgyzstan - the land of short movies":


10 am - First session:
Screening Letter to the Santa by Akjol Bekbolotov, 17', 2010
Screening Trolleybus by Ernest Abdyjaparov, 10', 2010
11.30 am - Second session:
Screening Kayrat by Venera Jamankulova,12', 2011
Screening Uncompletted Dreams by Tynchtyk Akimaliev, 16', 2011
Screening Circles on the Sand by Nayzabek Sydykov, 16', 2010
Screening Indian Summer by Nurlan Abdykadyrov, 15', 2011
00.30 pm - Discussing
4 pm - Third session: Presentation of the group "Kyrgyzstan, I love you"
Screening Socks by Argen Kenesh, 15', 2011
Screening Trip to civilization by Aydoz Toktobaev, 12', 2009
Screening Kagan by Aydos Toktobaev, 10', 2011
5.30 pm - Forth session 
Screening Memory About Future by Artyk Suyundukov, 20', 2011
Screening Nest by Talant Mambetov, 14', 2011
Screening Door by Azamat Mamytkanov, 11', 2011
Screening Swamp by Busurman Odurakaev, 21', 2011
7 pm - Discussing

Third Day - 19th of the November 2011 at 10.00 am - Films from Central Asia:


10.00 am - First session:
Screening Headphones by Bakhtiyar Seitkaziev(Kazakhstan, 2011, 15 min.)
Screening The High Flight by Sharophat Arabova (Tadjikistan, 2010, 11 min.)
Screening Nazar by Umid Khamdamov (Uzbekistan, 2011, 28 min.)
Screening Epos by Gani Kudaybergen (China, 2011, 15 min.)
Presentation of the project "A knock on the closing door" by Akmal Khasanov, Tadjikistan
00.30 pm - Second session:
Screening Late Life by Ayub Shakhobiddinov (Uzbekistan, 2011, 86 min.)
4 pm - Third session: Kyrgyz short fiction:
Screening Earrings by Nargiza Mamatkulova, 15', 2010
Screening Snooze by Mirbek Kadraliev, 20', 2010, CDF
Screening Pencil against ants by Mirlan Abdykalykov, 20', 2010, CDF
5.30 pm - Forth session: Kyrgyz short fiction:
Screening Water by Alijan Nasirov, 20', 2011, CDF
Screening Once upon a Time by Almaz Kabaev, 20', 2010, CDF
Screening Thank you by Ruslan Akunov, 20', 2010, CDF
Screening Bread, Tea, Toy by Kanat Sartov, 9', 2011
Screening Sham by Eldiyar Madakim, 7', 2010
7 pm - Discussing



Forth Day, 20th of the November 2011 at 10 am - screenings & presentation of the projects:

10.00 am - First session:
Screening Salt by Marat Sarulu, 44', 2010
Presentation of the project "Ashes" by Marat Sarulu, Kyrgyzstan
Screening Old Man by Marat Alykulov, 20', 2011
Presentation of the project "Lenin" by Marat Alykulov, Kyrgyzstan
Second session:
00.30 pm - Presentation of the project "The Princess Nazik" by Erkin Saliev, Kyrgyzstan
4 pm - Presentation of the project "Student" by Darejan Omirbaev. Kazakhstan
5.30 pm - Discussing
6.30 pm - Third session:
Презентация проекта "Archa-Beshik" by Talgat Asyrankulov, Kyrgyzstan
Presentation of the project "My Poplar in a red scarf" by Ernest Abdyjaparov, Kyrgyzstan
7.30 pm - Forth session:
Screening of the film Nomadic by Moldoseit Mambetakunov & Artyk Suyundukov, 2011
Presentation of the project "Nomadic" by Artyk Suyundukov, KyrgyzstanPresen
8.30 p.m - Final discussing
9 pm - Closing ceremony
Fifth Day - 21st of the November 2011,
2:30 pm - Art-Meeting with students from film-making departments