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Kyrgyz Serial: The contest of scripts (2024_kg)

Call for entries: The VI Film Forum Of Women Film Directors Of Kyrgyzstan


Deadline: 01.03.2024


XI Forum of the young cinema Umut-2024


Dates & place: 28.03-01.04.24, 2024, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Organizer: Cinema Department with support: Interstate humanitarian cooperation fund
Participants: Ex-Soviet countries
Friday, 01 September 2023 00:00

"Focus on Kyrgyzstan" took place at the Venice Production Bridge, La Biennale Di Venezia 


It were two event at the VPB: "The Gift" film screening & presentation of Kyrgyz cinema on 31st of August 2023













THE GIFT / Belek


Feature film, 88 min., 2023, Kyrgyzstan

Production: "Altyn Anar" & Aitysh-film with finance support of Cinema Department & with technical support of Kyrgyzfilm


Author & director: Dalmira Tilepbergen

DoP: Akjol Bekbolotov

Producers: Gulmira Kerimova, Sadyk Sher-Niyaz, Dalmira Tilepbergen



Based on true events, The Gift tells the tragic story of a young seven year old girl, who is lead to believe that the mole on her lip is a gift from God and that all her wishes will come true.

Arno lives with her parents, three sisters and grandfather in a remote pasture within the high, majestic mountains of Central Asia. Her mother is pregnant and her father's only wish is for her to give birth to a son.

Arno leads a carefree life and wishes to be the son her father has never had. However, nothing lasts forever and their world is soon to be destroyed by encroaching civilization

The family's fragile existence is also in jeopardy, as Arno's doubt about her father's love for her, breaks their spiritual relationship.

As events unfold, unfulfilled desires rise to the surface leading to an unexpected tragedy...


THE GIFT was invited for Official Competition in the 16th Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA, 2023)


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