Festivals: call for entries

Kyrgyz Serial: The contest of scripts (2024_kg)

Call for entries: The VI Film Forum Of Women Film Directors Of Kyrgyzstan


Deadline: 01.03.2024


XI Forum of the young cinema Umut-2024


Dates & place: 28.03-01.04.24, 2024, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Organizer: Cinema Department with support: Interstate humanitarian cooperation fund
Participants: Ex-Soviet countries
Thursday, 27 July 2023 00:00

Patriki Film Festival: Winners of the short films competition
Days: 01 - 30.07.2023
Format: Online


Jury of the short competition: Ali Khamraev (Uzbekistan), Gulbara Tolomushova (Kyrgyzstan), Tana Mastafova (Russia), Sergey Deshin (Russia), Nikita Yamov (Russia).


Patriki Film Festival, International competition of the short films: winners:


Best film: «Knock-knock-knock» by Andrey Gordin, 11', 2022, Russia


Synopsis. A meeting of two strangers – a woman and a young man – brought together by a single tragic event. They are desperately trying to reach a common understanding and figure out how to move on with their lives. No one knows how this conversation is going to end.


Best direction: «On The Silk Road» by Sherzod Nazarov, 17', 2021, Uzbekistan


Synopsis. An old man named Tursunbai, who is over 70, lives alone at the train station. He afraids to join the community. Because this old man hates what people do. Throughout the film, an unknown woman and a child added to his life. At the end of the film, the old man realizes that what he is doing is the reason for his separation from society.


Best script: «How Should One Wait For Godot» by Arshia Zeinali, 28', 2021, Iran


Synopsis. “How Should One Wait For Godot” is an adaptation of Samuel Bekket’s two plays, “Waiting For Godot” and “End Game”. Does waiting for Godot help us reach the destination? Perhaps we did not know how to wait the proper way!


Award “For a fresh look and new discoveries in cinematography” goes to “Procedure” by Vlad Gritsenko, 29’, 2021, Russia


Synopsis. The path of a young Russian woman through wild India, blazing with colorful sari colors during the day, and at night with fires of local belongings, is not an easy journey through a foreign land. His goal is to find a place that can become a home. Only there is definitely no way back.


Best music: «Old People Belong Here» (composer Timofey Zelensky, director Alexander Gavrilov), 13', 2022, Russia


Synopsis. В будущем, где стариков подвергают тесту на пригодность обществу, дознаватель государственной службы сталкивается с парой, которая не спешит на тот свет.


Special jury prize: «27А» by Daria Likhaya, 17', 2021, Russia


Synopsis. The Director returns to her childhood home, and this journey is accompanied by frank stories. A polka – dot dress, a KAMAZ abandoned in the yard, a woman’s face in the window – every detail becomes a source of memories The impressions of strangers are interwined and mixed, the boundary between the virtual and the real begins to blur.


Special prize of The partner of the Festival Independent Media – VOICE – goes to “Climate Change Is Going To Kill Us All” by Anatoly Koblov, 14’, 2021, Russia


Synopsis. Magical girl Asya used magic to help her friend with her mental health issues but made it worse. Now, bringing the friend back going to be as easy as stopping climate change.



Special prize of Patriki Festival for most popular film goes to “Chasing Garbage, Or My Beloved Husband” by Alisa Nekrasova, 23’, 2021, Russia


Synopsis. The heroine wakes up in a hangover after the holiday, turns on an old tape recorder with a Boyarsky cassette with a familiar gesture, dances and cleans to the music. Suddenly she realizes that she has thrown away something very important and valuable along with the garbage. In a panic, she rushes in pursuit of garbage (garbage truck), meeting other heroes along the way. This is a dynamic and fun road movie with intrigue and unusual, lyrical and deep denouement.