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Deadline: 05.08.2024. The Impact Lab will take place from September 26 to October 1 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.


ALTERNATIVA FILM Labs announces an open call for the Impact Lab


Deadline: 05.08.2024. The Impact Lab will take place from September 26 to October 1 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.


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Home Film News Adamdar, Kyrgyz Film Festival in Wien, March 31 - April 1, 2023
Wednesday, 22 March 2023 00:00

Adamdar, Documentary Kyrgyz Film Festival in Wien, March 31 - April 1, 2023


Welcome to attend Adamdar, Kyrgyz Film Festival, that is organized by Nellya Dzhamanbaeva, CEU MA student in Cultural Heritage Studies/Medieval Studies, and supported by the OSUN Experimental Humanities Collaborative Network Local Grant.


"Adamdar," which translates to "People" in Kyrgyz, will feature six documentary short films made by filmmakers from Kyrgyzstan, some of which have won awards. These films showcase the stories of people, their everyday lives, their hard work, and the politics surrounding them. Each day will be screened three films that are also winners and participants of different film festivals around the world...


All the films will be presented in their original language with English subtitles.  







19:00  DORDOY CITY by Tomiris Orozoeva (15:34 minutes)


The biggest market in Central Asia, Dordoi bazaar, is a workplace for over 150 thousand people. They trade, eat, pray, and live there. The film portrays the place and its ambiance through fragments of its inhabitants. At the same time, the bazaar is a metaphor for the broader Kyrgyz society. 


Festivals and Awards:


  • International Online Film Festival 2023, UK: “Best Documentary Award”,
  • International Ethnographic Film Festival (Etnovideografica) 2022, Spain
  • Winner in the nomination “Best Documentary” at the Tuva International Film Festival of the Nomadic Peoples of the World, Russia 
  • Winner in the nomination “Best national film” of the forum of young cinema of the CIS countries “Umut”, Kyrgyzstan 
  • Film forum of women directors of Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan 
  • Tashkent Festival Cinema Love, Uzbekistan 
  • Shahr international film festival Culture and Urban, Iran 
  • International Film Festival of Documentary Films on Human Rights Bir Duino, Kyrgyzstan 


19:30 I AM WALKING ON A GOOD DAY by Danil Usmanov. 16 minutes. 


Gainutdinov Nurislam Garifovich, born in 1949, former director of the photographer association in Toktogul left the city and has been living with his wife and three dogs for 16 years in a shack on the banks of the Toktogul reservoir. He lives from fish poaching, but there isalmost no fish left in the reservoir. However, Nurislam continues to go to fish every morning in the hope to catch some fish. 




  • Short Film Festival ATAU, Kazakhstan, 2020
  • Venice Biennale, 2019
  • VI Forum of Young Cinema of the CIS countries "Umut", 2018


19:50 Exchange with film Directors Tomiris Orozoeva and Danil Usmanov (VTC)


20:30 Black Wagon by Adilet Karzhoev. 24 minutes.


A team of miners working at 500m below surface must complete a daily target, but it gets harder and harder to reach the coal without leaving the safe zone. The foreman decides to take the risk.


In Presence of Film Director Adilet Karzhoev (tbc)


Festivals and Awards:



  • International Documentary Film Festival "ARTDOKFEST" (2022, Russia, Moscow)
  • Tampere Film Festival (2022, Finland, Tampere)
  • Ismailia International Film Festival, Special Mention (2022, Egypt, Ismailia)
  • International Film Forum "Golden Knight" (2022, Russia, Sevastopol)
  • FEST - New Directors | New Films Festival (2022, Portugal, Espinho)
  • Sole Luna Doc Film Festival (2022, Italy, Milan, Treviso, Palermo)
  • ONE Country ONE Film International Festival (2022, France, Apsha)
  • Lucania Film Festival (2022, Italy, Pisticci)
  • Kazan International Muslim Film Festival (2022, Russia, Kazan)
  • Tehran International short Film Festival (2022, Iran, Tehran)
  • PROVINZIALE Filmfest Eberswalde (2022, Germany, Eberswalde)
  • International Film Festival "Northern Character", Diploma of the 1st degree in the nomination "Documentary film up to 60 minutes" (2022, Russia, Murmansk)
  • International Film Festival "Salt of the Earth", Diploma of the jury "For the poetic embodiment of the work of miners" (2022, Russia, Samara)
  • International Film Festival of the Commonwealth countries "Moscow Premiere" (2022, Russia, Moscow)
  • International festival of films and TV programs "Radonezh" (2022, Russia, Moscow)
  • International Film Festival "Days of Short Films", Diploma for "For Visual Solution" (2022, Russia, Moscow)
  • VIDSEE Juree Asia Awards competition, Special Jury Prize (2022, Singapore)
  • International Film Festival for Human Rights Bir Duino-Kyrgyzstan, Best Film, (2022, Kyrgyzstan)
  • International Film Festival Friborg (2023, Switzerland, Friborg)




18:00 MURGAB CRONICLES by Bermet Borubaeva. 14:40 minutes.  


A documentary filmed during the author's trip to Murghab, a region in Tadzhikistan with ethnic Kyrgyz population. In Murghab, she conducted classes for residents to work with felt, embroidery and traditional ornaments as well as to learn the Kyrgyz language as lost mother tongue. 


18:30 SUNFLOWER by Chingiz Sulumbekov (21:05 minutes)


A lonely old man lives in an old trailer. Every day he works in the field and every day he tries to get contact to someone. Listening to the next beeps, he talks about his life and love … 


Festivals and Awards:


  • DokLeipzig, Official programme, Leipzig, 2019;
  • Special Jury Prize, Kyrgyzstan country of short films, 2019;
  • Prize for a bright debut, Russia - open documentary film festival, 2020;
  • Best Portrait Film, Eurasia.doc, 2020;
  • Best Documentary, ATAU, Kazakhstan, 2021.
  • Best Documentary, Ak-Ilbirs National Film Award, 2021.  


19:00 METAL BREAD by Chingiz Narynov. 39:30 minutes.


A pensioner from Mailuu-Suu, a city in southern Kyrgyzstan, was laid off in 2005 by a famous electric lamp factory and is forced to find alternative ways to survive. 


Festivals and Awards:


  • Umut 2016 - Youth Jury Prize
  • DokumentArt 2015 - Findling Prize of the German Film Critics Association
  • Green Film Festival Seoul 2015 - out of competition
  • Artdocfest 2015
  • IDFA 2014 - world premiere


19:45 Exchange with Film Directors Bermet Burumbaeva, Chingyz Sulumbekov and Chingyz Narynov (by VTC)