Festivals: call for entries

"Media-K" accepts applications from filmmakers and creative groups to create socially significant content
Deadline: 18.00 - 25.10.2021

Pitching for short fiction films from Uzbekistan & Kyrgyzstan
Date: 15.09 - 15.11.2021
Place: Almaty, Kazakhstan 
Salem Short — первый питчинг короткометражного жанрового кино от Salem

New film festival "Snow Leopard - Guardian of the Mountains"
Date: 27.08.2021
Place: Kyrgyzstan 
Thursday, 23 September 2021 00:00
IX Forum of the young cinema Umut-2021: L'Amiral Tchoumakov - film of the opening
Dates: 20-25 September, 2021
Place: Bishkek, Ala-Too cinema
Time of the opening: 21.09.21 between 11.00 - 13.00
Second screening - Cinema House, 23.09.21, 19.00 - 20.04
Organizer: Cinema Department
Support: Interstate humanitarian cooperation fund


Film of the opening:


L'Amiral Tchoumakov, 64’, Belgium/France 2021

Directors: Laurier Fourniau & Arnaud Alberola


On the shores of Lake Yssyk-Kul, 30 years after the fall of USSR, Boris Vassilievitch Tchumakov is the Admiral of the stranded fleet of Kyrgyzstan.


Laurier Fourniau & Arnaud Alberola


Laurier Fourniau is a French director of both fiction and documentary films. He studied at la Sorbonne in Paris, did an exchange program at UCLA Film school, and then completed his education at INSAS film school. Laurier Fourniau is also cinematographer, editor and music composer for most of his films.
Also from France, Arnaud Alberola obtains a master degree in cinematography at INSAS. He was named Best Young Talent Cinematographer of Belgium in 2019. Admiral Tchumakov is his first film as a director.
The world premiere of Admiral Tchumakov took place in Ischia Film Festival in Italy in July 2021, where the film won «best film», in the competition called «location negata».