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Wednesday, 07 July 2021 00:00

Project “Esimde” (Kyrgyzstan). Work in progress


Script-writers - Aktan Arym Kubat, Dalmira Tilepbergen

Director - Aktan Arym Kubat

DoP - Talant Akynbekov 

Production designer: Elchibek Shamenov, Adis Seitaliev

Sound designer: Mars Tugelov

Production: Kyrgyzfilm (Kyrgyzstan), Oy Art (Kyrgyzstan), Bitters End (Japan),

                                          Volya Films (the Netherlands), Mandra Films (France)




Esimde is a new film project by Aktan Arym Kubat, acclaimed Kyrgyz film director. His previous films were premiered in Cannes, Locarno, Berlinale… Esimde is an international co-production between Kyrgyzstan, Japan (Bitters End) and France (Mandra Films), supported by Berlinale’s World Cinema Fund. It is a tragic story about a man named Atantai who lost his memory while he worked as a migrant in Russia and his family has lost him there for about 20 years. After this huge period of time his son Kubat finds him and brings to his homeland. The story starts from their arrival to the native village. The protagonist Atantai does not remember anything and anyone and he seems to be indifferent, he doesn’t talk and he never gains his memory throughout a film, however, he changes everything and everyone around him. Aktan Arym Kubat has performed the leading role in his film The Light Thief, it was his debut as an actor, after that – in his latest film Centaur, and now he is also going to play the role of Atantai and the role of his son Kubat will be performed by his real son Mirlan Abdykalykov. Currently the project is at the stage of shootings. The rough cut of the film will be available by August and the completion of the film is scheduled by the end of this year. The producers of the film are looking for a sales agent. 



TEASER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9HFA6OfODQ


The film “Esimde” tells the tragic story of 60 years old Atantai, who lost his memory, and after 20 years of wandering, returns to his homeland. The film takes place in a village in Kyrgyzstan, in a kind of microcosm of a modern Asian country. Not remembering anything, Atantai returns there with his son Kubat, who found him and brought him home. While Atantai was absent his wife Umsunai became religious and put on hijab, married local authority Zhaichy, his son Kubat also has his own family... But nothing touches Atantai and does not return his memory. The only thing that keeps him in this world and that he knows well is to pick up garbage. Every day he cleans the streets of the village, thus disturbing the habitual way of its inhabitants, annoying everyone, and especially his son Kubat and his family. Together with the return of Atantai, the fragile world of the past also invades the life of his ex-wife Umsunai, which has already become habitual. The memory of the past, the feeling of love make her remember and re-realize the value of her life and find the strength to fight for her freedom. But the foundations and control of the clergy over the minds of ordinary people are too strong, and Umsunai and Atantai are too weak to regain lost happiness ...