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До 1 августа продлён приём заявок на Питчинг копродукции стран СНГ


Приём заявок на Питчингкопродукционных проектов со странами СНГ продлён до 1 августа включительно. Об этом 18 июля заявил генеральный директор студии «Лендок» Алексей Тельновв рамках Q&A сессии«Вопрос-ответ, или как подать заявку на Питчинг проектов для совместного производства стран СНГ».

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Высшая школа "Turan film academy" (Университет Туран) объявляет набор для абитуриентов на новую образовательную программу бакалавриата - "Продюсирование кино и ТВ"


Это первая образовательная программа, которая посвящена исключительно продюсированию в кино и на телевидении в Казахстане. 

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Ташкентский филиал ВГИК  объявляет набор на 2022-2023 учебный год
Сроки приёма: 15.06-15.07.2022
Язык обучения: русский
Форма подачи документов: онлайн и офлайн
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07.07.2021 00:00

Project “Smell Of Wormwood” (Kyrgyzstan). Work in progress


Script-writer and director - Aibek Daiyrbekov

Title in English - Smell Of Wormwood

Title in Kyrgyz - Ermen Zhyty

Genre - Drama

Duration - 90 minutes




Main theme:

The main theme and idea is a film that simultaneously tells the story of three boys' friends. Through childhood friendships, dangerous children's games and love, the social problems of society and modernity are gradually being revealed.Children learn about life. And everyone prays for their own happiness. But for now, these children still do not know how to pray.




The story in the film “The smell of wormwood” develops in parallel in three families. This is the story of three friends:

- the city boy Maksat who moved to the village, in whose family his skeletons are in the closet,

- Eldiyar living with grandfather and grandmother, who is always waiting for his mother, who left for Russia to work,

- and the nimble bully Azamat, who always fights with his uncle, because of an unfair accusation.


Ten-year-old Maksat with his mother and sister moves to his mother’s native village: where he meets and makes friends with two neighboring boys. It turns out mom is in a quarrel with her father. Soon, the father of Maksat also comes for the family and remain to live together. In order to win his son again, his father gives Maksat a young stallion, the same as all the neighboring boys. Father, a computer science teacher and a former alcoholic, is trying to establish a new life. But his father is not satisfied with his position in this village, because now he is a “heap-kuyo” - this is how the Kyrgyz speak unflattering words about a man who lives with his native wife ...

Eldiyar, every day, goes to a stop and waits for a bus coming from the city - he waits for his mother to return. And every day the bus arrives without mom. And only after leaving the bus, Eldiyar goes to play with the rest of the guys. And then one day, my mother gets out of the bus. Eldiyar is beside himself with happiness. But he still does not know that his mother came to say goodbye to him, perhaps forever.

Azamat is forced to fight every day with his cousin uncle, the father of Eldiyar, for an unfair accusation of arson of hay. But he also cannot reveal the true culprit, his friend, because then he will get even more.


The intertwined lives, the thirst for profit, the pride and other problems of adults slowly and imperceptibly begin to affect children's destinies, leaving a bitter taste of wormwood. The smell of wormwood in every Kyrgyz and Asian is associated simultaneously with a bitter taste and a tremulous sense of childhood.


Director's vision:


In this film, in the foreground, fun children's everyday life, filled with simple fun and provocative games, sometimes dangerous. Each of the guys in these games forget about problems in their families. But an adult and harsh reality is slowly creeping up to each of them and through their fates one can discern the fate of an entire generation. Generations of children left without parental affection when dads fight each other for a place in the sun, or just get drunk. And mothers in the pursuit of happiness sometimes forget about the little ten-year happiness left at home. In the meantime, adults are trying to figure out their life, a child collects a bouquet of wildflowers for his first love, which went to another city. and another teenager learns to pray not for himself, but for his mother, whom he may never see again.


And there remains only the smell of wormwood, bitter, but nevertheless so dear and close to all the children who at least once walked in the mountains and fields.This film is a prayer. Prayer for childhood.



Dastan Aibek

Kanat Dildedosov

Bayel Dyusheev

Akylbek Abdykalykov

Anara Sydygalieva

Ruslan Orozakunov

Janara Barmanova

Jenishbek Smanov

Ainura Kachkynbek kyzy


Film crew:

Film director, script writer - Aibek Daiyrbekov

Producer - Tolkun Daiyrbekova

Co-producer - Tynchtykbek Baryktabasov

DOP - Akzhol Bekbolotov

Production designer - Baiyshbek Ismanov

Editor - Karash Janyshov

Costume designer - Doolot Rysbaev

Music - Nurcholpon

Production sound mixer - Kalybek Shernyazov

First assistant director – Adilet Omorov