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Cinema Department: new contest (kg)

Cinema Department: new contest

13 Open North Caucasus festival for cinema & TV "Kunaki" 


Where: Dagestan, Makhachkala

Wneh: 4-10.10.2019

Call for entries: from now until August 15th, 2019


Thursday, 20 June 2019 00:00

Cinema Department: Opening of the cinema caravan deducated to 80th anniversary of the famous Kyrgyz actor Suymenkul Chokmorov
Place & time: Talas, Kyrgyzstan, 20-21.06.2019
Organizer: Cinema Department
Films to be shown there: "Karash, Karash okuyasy" & "Ulan"
Suymenkul Chokmorov was born November 9, 1939 in Kyrgyzstan, died Semtember 26, 1992. There was Day of the memory of Suymenkul Chokmorov in Kyrgyzstan on the November 9, 2017. Four screenings of films with his participating during all day at the Cinema House, opening of the monument at the centre of Bishkek near Ala-Too cinema. 






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