Festivals: call for entries

30th Open festival of the documentary cinema "Rossia", Ekaterinburg, 1-6/10/2019

Call the entries: The IV International Festival of national and ethnic cinema "Silver Akbuzat" in Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia Federation


The IV International Festival of national and ethnic cinema "Silver Akbuzat" in Ufa between 24-27.08.2019. 


Call the entries: the XI International Youth Film Festival in Kazan


The XI International Youth Film Festival will take place in Kazan from the 3rd till the 6th of September.

Sunday, 17 February 2019 00:00

Celebrating Chingiz Aitmatov's 90th birth anniversary in India


A panel discussion on 'Celebrating the 90th Anniversary: Chingiz Aitmatov's Literary, Ecological and Political Legacies' was organized at the MMAJ Academy of International Studies on 13 February 2019. Prof.Ramadhicari Kumar, who chaired the discussion, introduced the wll-known Soviet / Kyrgyz writer who was born in 1928 and passed away in 2008.



I gave an overview of his work in the Soviet and post-Soviet periods and spoke of Aitmatov’s 'A Day Lasts Longer than a Century' (1980) and 'The Mark of Cassandra' (1996) in detail. Dr. Ranjana Saxena analysed ecological themes in some of his key works – 'The White Ship' (1970), 'Mother’s Field' (1963) and 'The Executioner’s Block' (1986). Mangalesh Dabrai, eminent Hindi poet, critic and journalist, spoke in detail of the influence of great Russian writers from the XIX century and Soviet poets and prose writers on Hindi literature. He also recalled translations of great literary works from Russian, including those by writers from the Soviet Republics like Aitmatov and Rasul Gamzatov. Dr Fatima Sushanlo, from the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in India, in her speech stated that Chingiz AItmatov was not just a great writer, but was also a diplomat. He had served as Ambassador in the last years of the Soviet Union and after 1991 had served in several European countries as the Ambassador of the independent Kyrgyzstan.



Aitmatov had also started the Issyk Kul Forum that brought together leading scientists, thinkers, cultural practitioners from across the world, to deliberate on how the problems that the world is presently facing. Nurjamila Abalova, a postgraduate student at the Academy from Kyrgyzstan, read out a passage from Aitmatov’s 'Mother’s Field' in Kyrgyz language and research scholar, Maya Amanova, read out a passage from 'The Executioner’s Block' in Russian. Prof Nasar Shakeel Roomi from the Centre of Russian Studies, JNU, who had written his doctoral thesis on Aitmatov and had interviewed the writer during Soviet times spoke of Aitmatov's humblesness and participated in the discussions. Maya Amanova hosted a cake with Chingiz Aitmaov’s photo for all present at the discussion to celebrate his 90th birthday.









Prof. Rashmi Doraiswamy,


Academy of International Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi