Festivals: call for entries

Call the entries: the XI International Youth Film Festival in Kazan


The XI International Youth Film Festival will take place in Kazan from the 3rd till the 6th of September.


Call the entries: the National Award Ak Ilbirs-2019


Kyrgyzcasting and Nazira Aitbekova announce recruitment for a course on JOURNALISM!
Monday, 26 November 2018 00:00
Cinema Department: very important events in Cinema House
Date of the first event: November 27, 2018 - "The First Teacher" screening 
Date of the second event: November 30, 2018 - "World of Aitmatov"
Date of the third event: December 4, 2018 - Ryskulovs day



1) 27.11.2018 - Screening of the film made by Andrey Konchalovsky "The First Teacher" for schoolchildren with disabilities.


The First Teacher


2) November 30, 2018 - Screening of the film made by Bakyt Karagulov "World of Aitmatov" for government employees.


"World of Aitmatov"


3) December 4, 2018 - Ryskulovs day - Muratbek Ryskulov - 110, Sabira Kumushalieva - 100, Iskender Ruskulov - 60 years of art activity


Family of great Kyrgyz actors Muratbek Ryskulov & Sabira Kumushalieva


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