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Friday, 19 January 2018 00:00

Salam from Dhaka! (second event)
12-20 January, 2018, Dhaka International Film Festival, First Asian Film Critics Assembly organized by FIPRESCI - 15 - 16.01.2018


                                         Alin Tasciyan, President, FIPRESCI (at the centre)



Armenia - Mr. Artur Vardikyan

Bangladesh - Mr. Ershad Kamol and The President of IFCAB Mr. Rabiul Hussain

China - Ms. Liuying Cao 

Hong Kong - Mr. Fred Wong (unfortunately he cannot join us in person, but he will send his report)

India - Premendra Mazumder

Iran - Mr. Khoshrow Denghan 

Japan - Ms. Atsuko Saito

Kyrgyzstan - Ms. Gulbara Tolomushova

South Korea - Mr. Seok Yong Chang  

Sri Lanka - Mr. Ashley M. Ratnavibhushana

Tajikistan - Ms. Sharofat M. Arabova

Turkey - Ms. Necla Algan


15th of the January 2018:

   - Welcome speeches and the beginning of reports by the delegates.

   - Reports will be read according to the alphabetical order of the countries.

   - Final discussion  


16th of the January 2018:

   - An excursion to the Liberation War Museum organized by Mr. Mofidul Hoque, Vice President of IFCAB at the Liberation War Museum 

   - Meeting with filmmakers /  International Emerging Talent Films Association (IEFTA) at the Auditorium of the Liberation War Museum



Premendra Mazumder from India


Viera Langerova from Slovak Republic


Gulbara Tolomushova from Kyrgyzstan


My report here