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Wednesday, 11 October 2017 00:00

Bangladeshi Film Festival in Kyrgyzstan: what we know about this country?
This event is devoting to 25 anniversary of establish the diplomatic relations between Bangladesh and Kyrgyzstan.
It will be at the Cinema House (Bishkek, Logvinenko, 13) 10-12.10.2017. Entrance free.
Honorary guests: Ambassador of Bangladesh - Mr. Mosud Mannan, Honorary consul - Mr. Temirbek Erkinov, Film-director from Bangladesh - Mr. Tanvir Mokammel.






10.10.2017, 5 pm:




  -  Stop Genocide, doc., 20', by Zahir Raihan

  -  Quiet Flows the River Chitra, 140', feature film by Tanvir Mokammel



11.10.2017, 5 pm:


  -  Beautiful Bangladesh, 10;=', doc.

  -  Clay Bird, feature film, by Tarek Masud, 2002



12.10.2017, 5 pm:


  -  400 Years of Dhaka, doc., 35 min., by Khorshed Alam Chouwdury

  -  The Drummer, feature film by Tanvir Mokammel



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