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Friday, 18 November 2016 00:00

Today in VB: article about Kyrgyz cinema


...The junction of the epochs brought names of new directors into light. Although they were not beginners in cinema, because they came to cinema at the end of the Seventies-early Eighties; they already gained respect as gifted painters, cameramen and actors. They dreamed of creating despite circumstances. They were able to portray all transformations and metamorphoses which took place in the society.


Almost simultaneously the following people started to try their hands at direction of films: Bekjan Aitkuluev, a cameraman, Murat Mametov, a film actor, Aktan Abdykalykov (now Aktan Arym Kubat), a production designer and Marat Sarulu, a director of animation films.


Bekjan Aitkuluiev, who filmed one of the striking films about the epoch of changes (“The Man, Who Rented The Room” 1992) and Murat Mambetov, who showed a real picture of morals and manners which reigned in relationships between people at a cut, (“Aian,” 1990); with hopelessness, running through their films, were depressing the public mood. Marat Sarulu in his masterpiece “In Spe” (1993) scrupulously analyzed the whole complicated situation of a collapse of a single family as a unit of society. Aktan Arym Kubat gave hope to overcome the crisis situation, by shooting inspiring, positive films “Where is Your Home, the Snail?” (1992) and “Selkinchek” / The Swing (1993)...





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