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Tuesday, 29 September 2015 00:00

Kinokultura Issue 50 (2015): review about SEIDE
"The Earth of the Fathers will not be deserted"
Elnura Osmonalieva: Seide (Kyrgyzstan, 2015)
reviewed by Gulbara Tolomushova© 2015


The young Seide lives in a remote mountain village. She enjoys life, rides her favorite horse and plays horse games with the local boys. When a matchmaker unexpectedly shows up in her parents’ house and they agree to marry Seide, the father decides to kill her horse for the wedding. Pained and helpless, Seide tries to understand her family, but she cannot allow them to kill her horse. Unfortunately, her beloved horse and Seide have absolutely nowhere to escape to.


Seide is flawless; it is an ideal film. Everything is harmonious and perfect. It is particularly noteworthy that the director, Elnura Osmonalieva, decided to shoot the film in the winter. Even experienced Kyrgyz directors often repeat that it is very hard to film in the winter... And the difficulty lies not only in the fact that it is cold and uncomfortable. There is a certain complexity in the work of the cameraman and the production designer in rendering light and color, because the entire nature set is covered in white snow...


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