Festivals: call for entries

"Media-K" accepts applications from filmmakers and creative groups to create socially significant content
Deadline: 18.00 - 25.10.2021

Pitching for short fiction films from Uzbekistan & Kyrgyzstan
Date: 15.09 - 15.11.2021
Place: Almaty, Kazakhstan 
Salem Short — первый питчинг короткометражного жанрового кино от Salem

New film festival "Snow Leopard - Guardian of the Mountains"
Date: 27.08.2021
Place: Kyrgyzstan 







Director:   Elnura Osmonalieva
Type:   short fiction
Director of photographer:   Chananun Chotrungroj
Editor:   Victor Opekin
Art-designer:   Myrsini Aristidou
Scriptwriter:   Elnura Osmonalieva
Sound:   Andrey Nikitin
Producers:   Elnura Osmonalieva & Charlotte Rabatte
Music:  Song based on "Talantly Suigondordun Esindemin" by Zhanysh Kochkorov, original lyrics by Aizada Begimkulova

 Seide - Kaliman Kalybek kyzy

 Horse– Torka

 Father- Kanat Abdrahmanov

 Grandmother- Razha Alieva

 Sister- Syiapat Abdrahmanova

 Hunter- Stanbek Toichubaev

 Horsemen 1 - Aziz Aliev

 Horsemen 2 - Eldar Sydykov

 Horsemen 3 - Kutman Saynidinov

 Horsemen 4 - Mirlan Ismailov 


Genre:  drama 
Length:  13 min. 40 sec. 
Year of Production:  2015

Young Seide lives in a secluded mountain village in the heart of Kyrgyzstan. She loves her freedom to ride her horse, the closest soul she has, and enjoys playing with the village boys. When she is faced with the prospect of an arranged marriage, her family decides to honor the tradition and kill Seide's horse for the wedding celebration. Upset and feeling voiceless, Seide tries to understand her family’s decision but cannot let her horse be killed. Unfortunately, the horse, like herself, has nowhere to go.



Festivals, Awards & Prizes:


1) The 72nd Venice IFF, 2-12.09.2015, Orizzonti

2) Sundance Film Festival 2016, 21-31.01., International Narrative Short Films

3) 38th International Short Film Festival at the Clermont-Ferrand, France

4) Short Film Corner  Festival De Cannes, 11-22.05.2016








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