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Kyrgyz Cinema







Director: Nika Zholdosheva
Type: documentary film
Director of photographer: Alexandra Kizyun
Editors: Nika Zholdosheva, Natalia Alexandrova
Color correction: Studio "Aitysh film"
Scriptwriter: Nika Zholdosheva
Sound: Natalia Ivanova
Producer: Diana Filippova
Line producer:  
Heroine: Plemyannikova Valentina Petrovna
English subtitles: Brett Syson, Chiara Fabrizio
Shooting: 2015
Length: 13 min
Release date:
Autumn  2015
 Over 600 years ago in the Vyatka region, a great battle took place between the Vyatchan and Ustyug people. In memory of this tragedy, the people of Vyatka commemorated their dead ancestors in a unique way, by singing folk songs, dancing and whistling traditional clay Dymkovo toy whistles. For many years, this became a Vyatkian national holiday called "Pandemonium". The women masters of Dymkovo toys have always been famous amongst the people of Vyatka. The film's main character, Plemyannikova Valentina Petrovna, is the last witness of a bygone era of this craft, which was revived during the 1930s in the Soviet era. She is the last of the students of the legendary masters, which glorified the Vyatka region with their amazing clay toys. Plemyannikova Valentina Petrovna, is the last witness of the craft of Dymkovo toymaking, which was revived during the 1930s in the Soviet era.
Awards & Prizes:
Production: 7th International Summer School VGIK