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Monday, 12 January 2015 00:00

Today in VB: review about Metal Bread in Vecherniy Bishkek


A documentary by Chingiz Narynov, 45 min., 2014

Produced by Samuel Aubin

Production: Rhizome (France), Collection Lumiere d’Eurasie (France), Lyon Capitale TV (France), Citylab (Kyrgyzstan), Twosa (Switzerland)


Synopsis.The Town of Mailuu-Suu was built in 1945 in the south of the Soviet Republic of Kyrgyzstan, to accommodate a processing plant for uranium mined in the area. The plant was replaced years later, when the mines were closed, by a light bulb factory.

Since the demise of the Soviet Union however, there have been massive personnel cuts on a regular basis. Tanya lost her job on the lamp factory in 2005. She was forced to find new way of livehood.


Camera: Chingiz Narynov, Pavel Solomko

Sound: Natalya Polyakova

Editting: Francois Sculer

Music: Victoria Yurtaeva

Sound mix: Bertrand Neyret

Color correction: Olivier Esmein

Production managers in France: Sebastien Escande, Amandine Vassieux

 With the support of CNC, Procirep Angoa and the participation of Ecran Libre

This documentary project is developed in the framework of Eurasidoc scriptwriting residency, financed by European Union and it is produced with the support of the collection of Lumiere d’Eurasie


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