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At this event, producers and directors from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the former Soviet Union, the Middle East and North Africa will introduce new films that will premiere after the Karlovy Vary IFF.

Monday, 19 August 2013 00:00

Bully Woman by Nurjhamal Karamoldoeva will be shown at the Art-House Film Festival

Bully Woman (Oguz Ayal): 18 min., 2013, short fiction. 
Synopsis: Newlyweds have just moved in to a university dormitory when they met bully commander .  Still single she  intimidates the inhabitants of the dorm thus enjoying an absolute power. To solve money issues with her the newlyweds try to get a sympathy through commander's secret daughters. When the peace is finally reached the tough commander opens up about plans to marry  her boyfriend-addict and have a baby boy...




Script-writer, director, producer - Nurzhamal Karamoldoeva

Camera-man - Sanjar Abdyjaparov

Production Designer - Orozbay Absattarov

Starring Aynura Turgunbekova



Bully Woman (Oguz Ayal)

Biography and filmography of the Director:


Born in 1981 Ms. Nurzhamal Karamoldoeva is among young cinematographers of Kyrgyz Republic. She studied journalism in Kyrgyz-Russian University, received bachelor's degree in accounting from Truman State University in the U.S. and accomplished MBA degree afterwards. Worked for the World Bank for 6 years and had always a strong interest in cinematography.  After attending the master classes of Kyrgyz director Mr. Ernest Abdyjaparov in 2010 she knew it was the moment to decide. Since then she left the work and tried herself as an actress in couple of Kyrgyz films.  Story written by Kyrgyz novelist Mr. K. Imanaliev Oguz Ayal has inspired her to write a scenario for her first short film, which was shot in February 2013.  She is know working on her first feature film script with working title Sakura for Aysuluu and planning to shoot her next short film. 


Nurzhamal Karamoldoeva

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