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Second creative examination: 13.07.2022

Saturday, 04 September 2010 09:30

Premier of new film «Kalpak» passed in the metropolitan «Cinema Home»



With pleasure think that today young cinema directors pay attention on Kyrgyz nation history, his culture, traditions, folklaws, symbols.
Film «Kalpak» of young director and scriptwriter Cholponay Borubaeva dedicate to one of such symbols. Kalpak is a Kyrgyz national men's headpiece. Men put it on for celebrations and funeral. In this film we can see how people to celebrate a holidays and pay man's last tribute.
«Kalpak» is a first director work of Cholponay Borubaeva. It is a short-length Kyrgyz language film (17 min.).
Film premier came off in the metropolitan «Cinema Home» in September, 1, 2010.
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