Festivals: call for entries

Film Festival "Nomad 2023: A Living Land": Call for entries

The Film Festival “Nomad 2023: A Living Land” is organized by the Communications and Media Department of the University of Central Asia to be held in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan. The Film Festival aims to provide a platform for emerging filmmakers contributing to the development of the film industry throughout Central Asia. 


Cinema Department: Continuation of the contest of scripts (2023_kg)

Temir Birnazarov's master-class: 2023_kg


Eldiyar Madakimov
Contacts: The film studio «Aitysh-film»
Work address: 625, Jibek Jolu avenue, Bishkek, 720030, Kyrgyzstan
work: +996 (312) 
mob.: +996 (700) 74 44 05, (554) 64 44 41
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Date of birth: 27.03.1988

Education: Kyrgyz National University of construction, transport and architect, New informational technology institute, Department: informatic-designer  
Short films:
2009 «Sagyndym»
2009 «Karga ake»
2010 «Aga-ini» - yearly essay
2010 «Sham»
2010 «At the cafe»
2010 «Bilerik»
2010 «Shashyluu»
2010 «Boy Bakyt»
2010 «Tyrmoo»
2010 «Baaribir Taanysham»
2010 «Trolleybus»
2010 «Changes»
2010 «City of love»
2010 «Dancing with sky»
2010 «Kyzyk show» humorous project
2010 «Ideal girl»

2010 «Kapastagy bul-bul»

2013 «Mountain Pass»


Documentary films:
2010 «3850 meters»
2010 «Kurmanjan Datka»


Feature films:
2010 «Traffic policemen. Issyk-Kul Beshbarmak»
2010 «Ayat»
2010 «Picnic» mystical thriller
2010 «Jol bakan»
2011 «How to marry for Gu Chjun Pe?»
2013 «Champion»
2013 «Salam, New York»
2013 «Kart Boydok»
Also there are a lot of other art clips and rolls.