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Friday, 22 November 2019 00:00

Winged horse of the IV Silver Akbuzat IFF flew to Yogyakarta!


From 24-27 August 2019 the IV IFF Silver Akbuzat took place in Ufa, the capital of Bashkortostan - the Turkic-speaking autonomic republic in Russia Federation. Akbuzat is a mythological, winged horse from the Bashkir epos and from fairy tales. There are two direction in a concept of the festival: national & ethnic cinema and social & motivation cinema.


Special prize after the name Amir Abdrazakov from IV International Film Festival 'Silver Akbuzat' (Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia) was awarded to Indonesian director Hanung Bramantyo who made film 'Sultan Agung'. But the director was not at the festival. And one of my mission in Yogyakarta was to hand this prize to the director of 'Sultan Agung' film. But I left the prize in Ufa, and more later Zukhra Burakayeva, member of the team of Silver Akbuzat IFF, brought the prize to my city Bishkek.
The winged horse Silver Akbuzat made a flight along the following route: Ufa - Moscow - Bishkek - Almaty - Kuala/Lumpur - Jakarta - Yogyakarta. The award was handed to the director!
Mr. Askar Abdrazakov announce that
Special prize after the name of his father Amir Abdrazakov who was the founder of Cinema in Bashkortostan
gone to the film 'Sultan Agung'
The award was given to me and I promised that will go to Indonesia and hand the prize to the director
Zukhra Burakayeva gave me the prize in Bishkek
Prize was handed to director Hanung Bramantyo at the 14th Jogia-NETPAC Asian Film Festival
Prize was handed to director Hanung Bramantyo at the 14th Jogia-NETPAC Asian Film Festival
With Ruth Pakpahan, producer of the film
IV Silver Akbuzat IFF, Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia Federation
Gulbara Tolomushova, Yogyakarta