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Saturday, 01 December 2018 00:00
PROLOGUE IFF: Winners of the two short fiction competitions 

Dates: 27-30 of the November 2018

Place: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Director of the festival: Oybek Abdushukurov

Title of the festival: Prologue International Film Festival


Winner of the National competition for short fiction: "Tea" made by Shokir Kholikov, Uzbekistan


Director of the film "Tea" - Shokir Kholikov - at the centre


Max Tsui, member of the jury, about the film "Tea":


   - The winner of “Best National Short Film” competition could have easily competed and participated in an international level.

   - It represents and shows the potential of this new era of upcoming Uzbek filmmakers.

   - The story takes us on an intense journey of unconsciousness, sadness and, at the end, it leaves us with a smile.

   - Unnecessary to mention the great directing, the powerful acting and the work of all artistic departments that serve the story and are executed in an outstanding way.


"Tea" made by Shokir Kholikov


Diploma A Sprecial jury mention goes to the film "Teacher" (National competition) made Mars OrynbasarovKarakalpakistan, Uzbekistan


Director of the film "Teacher" - Mars Orynbasarov


Fabio Canepa, member of the jury, about film "Teacher":


   - On the background of the life of a young student in a rural community, the movie represents, with gentleness and sensitivity, an important topic: the fundamental significance of education in the civic and moral development of a nation, and pays a genuine tribute to the role of educators.


"Teacher" by Mars Orynbasarov



Winner of the International competition for short fiction: "My name is" made by Jeong-Gil Han, Korea


Philippe Reinhardt, member of the jury, about film "My name is":


   - What makes a movie extraordinary?

   - The winner of the international short film competition tells a story that touches our hearts and gives us hope in every single moment.

   - It speaks for all the people who never lost their ability to dream, even if life is sometimes hard and full of obstacles.


Director of the film "My name is" - Jeong-Gil Han - at the centre


"My name is" by Jeong-Gil Han



Diploma A Sprecial jury mention goes to the film "Asan" (International competition) made Berik JakhanovKazakhstan


Ayub Shahobiddinov, chairman of the jury, about film "Asan":


   - This film is awarded for uncovering the theme of turning a teenager’s consciousness in the complex process of getting to know his roots.


"Asan" made by Berik Jakhanov


Berik Jakhanov with award



Max Tsui (Germany), Gulbara Tolomushova (Kyrgyzstan),

Philippe Reinhardt (Switzerland),

Fabio Canepa (Italy), Ayub Shahobiddinov (Chairman, Uzbekistan)

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