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Monday, 23 April 2018 00:00

Kirill Razlogov: "The Song Of The Tree" - the most sensational film of the festival


40th Moscow International Film festival will be held on April 19-26, 2018. The Song Of The Tree will be shown at the Official non-competitive program Spectrum. 


There was first screening of the film The Song of the Tree (21.04.2018) at the 40th Moscow International Film festival. The Song Of The Tree included to the Official non-competitive program Spectrum. 


The idea behind the Spectrum program is to broaden – geopolitically, aesthetically, formally – the boundaries of the cinematic “spectrum” which emerges in the course of the current film season. 


"The most sensational film of the festival," - so Kirill Razlogov introduced a new Kyrgyz musical film "The Song of the Tree" in the program "Spectrum" of the Moscow International Film Festival. Very beautiful - incredible beauty of nature, faces, costumes, songs and music - and touching in its simplicity.


Kirill Razlogov, programmer of MIFF


The Song of The Tree / Darak Yry (kg) / Pesn' Dreva (ru)

Production: Central Asia Film (Kyrgyzstan) & Cinetrain (Russia), 2018, 93 min., historical musical

Director: Aibek Dairbekov

Producers: Tolkun Dairbekova, Andrey Epifanov, Tanya Petrik

Main roles: Omurbek Izrailov, Saltanat Bakaeva, Temirlan Smanbekov

Synopsis: The film talks about the life and tragedy of a Kyrgyz village, focusing on a simple young guy. Being expelled from his native village, he takes the daughter of a local lors, “bai”, with him, but is overtaken and beaten almost to death. He is destined to find himself and his fate in order to reunite his people.


Group of the film The Song of the Tree


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