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Tuesday, 10 October 2017 00:00

Bangladesh film Festival in Kyrgyzstan: first day
This event is devoting to 25 anniversary of establish the diplomatic relations between Bangladesh and Kyrgyzstan.
Place: the Cinema House (Bishkek, Logvinenko, 13). Entrance free. 
Dates: 10-12.10.2017
Honorary guests: Ambassador of Bangladesh - Mr. Mosud Mannan, Honorary consul - Mr. Temirbek Erkinov, Film-director from Bangladesh - Mr. Tanvir Mokammel.

Tanvir Mokammel, Mosud Mannan, Temirbek Erkinov


On 10 October 2017 the three day long first ever Bangladesh Film Festival was inaugurated in Bishkek in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Bangladesh and Kyrgyz Republic.


Deputy Minister for Culture Mr. Bektenaliev Muktaly Abdybekovich and DG MInistry of Foreign Affairs Mr. Ulan Djusupov were present on the occasion. Besides Foreign Mission representatives, other attendees at the inaugural show of the Festival included leading members of the Kyrgyz Cinema Union, Kyrgyz Film Makers & Producers plus cultural activists. Bangladesh Ambassador to Kyrgyz Republic Mr. Mosud Mannan ndc in his inaugural speech specially thanked the People of Kyrgyz Republic for their support during the War of Liberation of Bangladesh in 1971.


Temirbek Erkinov, Tanvir Mokammel, Muktaly Bektenaliev, Mosud Mannan


Kyrgyz Government Representatives also made formal speeches and thanked Bangladesh for holding the Festival in Bishkek which they believe would further strengthen the existing bilateral relations between the two countries and open possibilities of collaborating more in various kinds of cultural activities including exchange programs and joint ventures.


Ulan Jusupov, Foreign Office of the Kyrgyz Republic


On the first evening, Zahir Raihan's Stop Genocide and Tanvir Mokammel's Chitra Nadir Pare (Quiet Flows the River Chitra) were screened. Director Tanvir Mokammel graced the occasion with his active presence and also addressed the gathering. Participants of the program highly appreciated the colourful six page brochure published by Bangladesh Embassy.


Muktaly Bektenaliev, head of the Cinema Department


This important program was held in the historic cinema hall named after World Famous Writer Chingiz Aytmatov. The event ended with a Reception.

On the second and third day of the Festival, 'Matir Moyna (The Clay Bird)' of Tareque Masud and 'Jibon Dhuli (The Drummer)' of Tanvir Mokammel will be screened.


Mr. Mosud Mannan, Ambassador


Tanvir Mokammel, film-director



Mr. Ambassador - Mosud Manna and Jodat Murataliev




10.10.2017, 5 pm:




  -  Stop Genocide, doc., 20', by Zahir Raihan

  -  Quiet Flows the River Chitra, 140', feature film by Tanvir Mokammel


11.10.2017, 5 pm:


  -  Beautiful Bangladesh, 10;=', doc.

  -  Clay Bird, feature film, by Tarek Masud, 2002


12.10.2017, 5 pm:


  -  400 Years of Dhaka, doc., 35 min., by Khorshed Alam Chouwdury

  -  The Drummer, feature film by Tanvir Mokammel


Own inf.

Temirbek Erkinov, Gulmira Kerimova, Mosud Mannan, Tanvir Mokammel